Social Networking: Getting Started

There are literally thousands of articles online relating to the use and benefits of Social Networking/Social Media (which includes activities such as Twitter, Facebook and Blogging) in business; both B2B and B2C.

While we don’t wish to reinvent the wheel (especially when it’s been done so well before!), we thought it would be useful for ourĀ  visitors to have a quick roundup of some really great links to websites offering help and information for complete beginners to Social Networking.

Electrovision is Engaging!

We’ve recently started to use Social Networking to improve brand awareness, engage with our customers and invite feedback, to reach out to a wider audience of potential customers and to get a feel for what people in the big wide world are talking about, buying, listening to, liking and loathing – it’s been enlightening!

In this post, we’re concentrating on resources for those interested in Social Networking for Business, particularly for complete beginners and those who haven’t used these before (or perhaps only as a personal account).

While the tools are pretty much the same regardless of whether it’s being used for personal or business activities, Social Networking for business needsĀ  more thought, planning and, of course, monitoring to be effective – as with any marketing activity.

Popular Social Networking Accounts

Have a look through the following links, which we think are ideal if you’re just getting started and will guide you through the basics of the 4 most popular social networking tools as at April 2011 (Source: Social Media Marketing Report 2011 by Michael A.Stelzner – sponsored by Social Media Examiner).

Other social networking accounts you could consider include:

Further reading

There is an awful lot more to know and to learn about Social Networking, this is just a gentle introduction to get you started with your first steps into this exciting and growing range of methods of online communication.

If you’d like to expand your reading about this subject, we highly recommend the following website/article, which is packed full of helpful sites and links for further reading.

Getting Started with Social Media: A Resource Guide

Comments & Suggestions?

Do you know of any other links and resources that are useful for Social Networking newbies? We’d love to hear your thoughts…